In Loving Memory of Pinky Hawes


It is with great sadness that I announce that one of the Goat Show Doc family has passed away.  Pinky Hawes (pictured above) passed away Friday night after complications with knee surgery.  Our condolences go to Jack and Pinky’s family.  Pinky’s story is truly amazing and her influence on the goat community will last for generations to come.  Thank you again to Jack and Pinky for appearing in our documentary.  We are so glad that we met with you when we did so that Pinky’s story would not go unheard.

If you are looking for more information on Pinky Hawes and Laurelwood Acres, here are links to two previous posts on this blog:

Rest in Peace, Pinky!  Our blog is pink this week in your memory:)

UPDATE: Pinky’s funeral is Saturday 2/16 at 11am at the Ripon Church of Christ – 600 W. Milgeo Ave. Ripon, CA 95366.

Remembering Laurelwood Acres

Hello Friends and Family!

As you may recall, Julian, Trevor and I had the privilege of revisiting one of the most important institutions in the history of America’s dairy goat industry: Laurelwood acres, a monumental dairy that closed its doors twenty years ago.  Laurelwood shaped the dairy goat industry as we know it today and many of their famous goats are still used as breed standard examples.  Jack and Pinky Hawes were kind enough to share many photographs, slides and newspaper clippings from their past.  Here’s a sneak peak of Laurelwood Acres, a famous and historical dairy that will be featured in our documentary:

A clipping presumably from one of Pinky’s 4-H books or scrapbooks.  Pinky’s mother and father started Laurelwood Acres when she was an infant.  When Pinky was first born she was terribly sick.  They tried feeding her formula and cow’s milk, but she was sick and wouldn’t grow – nothing worked until a nurse suggested goat’s milk.  As soon as she started drinking goat’s milk, she was a thriving, healthy infant.

Pinky and one of her Alpines

One of Jack and Pinky’s most famous Alpines

Laurelwood Acres was a HUGE dairy, even by today’s standards.  In fact, Laurelwood set the standards, in many ways, for the commercial goat dairies of today.  Where Laurelwood once stood is now a fancy suburban housing development.

Before Laurelwood Acres moved to Ripon, California, it was not far from Los Angeles, as pictured here.  How beautiful!

Happy, healthy dairy goats.

I hope you all are looking forward to Jack and Pinky’s interview in our documentary!  They have a wealth of information about the goat industry of the 20th century and are a delightful pair to visit.

For more pictures of Jack and Pinky, click here:

Day 1: Jack and Pinky Hawes of Ripon, CA

Hello Friends, Family and Followers!

Great news!  Yesterday was our FIRST day of shooting and it went FANTASTICALLY!  Our first stop was Jack and Pinky Hawes of Ripon, CA.  Jack and Pinky raised dairy goats on one of the largest and most successful commercial dairies of all time: Laurelwood Acres.  We talked with Jack and Pinky about the dairy, their experiences as ADGA judges and their love of dairy goats.  Even though it has been 30 years since Laurelwood disbanded, Jack and Pinky’s home is still filled with goat memorabilia.  Here are some great pictures from the day, taken by the talented Mr. Julian Broudy.

Jack and Pinky

The Hawes home is covered in family photos ranging over 60 years.  Pinky’s style is of course expressed all over the house in her color of choice… pink!

Trevor and I getting some footage of Jack and Pinky.  I am obviously pleased!

Pinky in front of a display case of goat figurines and old photos

Jack and Pinky showed us tons of old slides, photos and newspaper clippings from the days of Laurelwood Acres

Jack and Pinky camera-ready!

Trevor and I getting a shot of what used to be Laurelwood Acres, which is now a large suburban housing development

Thank you so much Jack and Pinky for all your hospitality and help on this project!

And finally, here are some beautiful photos of our journey from Los Angeles to Ripon, CA:

Less than an hour outside LA on the 5.  Doesn’t this look like a foreign country??

Beautiful California!  No wonder so many people want to live here..

More greenery…

Thank you Julian for sharing your pictures with us!  More to come tomorrow on Redwood Hill!