Grilled Portobello Mushroom Goat Cheese Pitas!

Trevor and I decided to try this great Cooking Light recipe for dinner tonight: Grilled Portobello Mushroom Goat Cheese Pitas!  I bought all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s.

Try making it yourself!  It’s really easy and even more mouth-watering than it looks:

A fresh portobello

Cooking the portobellos and tomatoes.  The portobellos were on for several minutes before I added the tomatoes


Fresh goat cheese on toasted whole wheat pita bread

The hot tomatoes and portobellos quickly melt the cheese, making it one juicy, messy meal!

Not the most visually attractive meal, but it was REALLY delicious

Insider tip: this is a really sloppy meal.  In order not to waste the excess goat cheese just add some greens and viola! Instant goat cheese salad:

Waste not want not

Feel free to share links to your favorite goat recipes in the comments.  We’ll test them out and post pictures on the blog for everyone to enjoy!

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